About us

Our philosophy and vision

Why do we do what we do? Because we're passionate about nature and the wellbeing of people. Our goal is to run a profitable business by creating people and planet friendly products that look and feel great. We want to question how you look at the world and contribute to making people more aware of how everything is connected.

Stormie Poodle was set up in 2008 when the world still wasn't ready for upcycling. Already then nature was under a lot of pressure and three out of nine planetary boundaries had been surpassed but the message hadn't hit home yet. Now the world is ready. Stormie Poodle is based upon the values of the founder who is both a biologist and mother. She is a huge nature buff and makes daily time for the outdoors.

Welcome to Stormie Poodle's world!

Partners & collaborations

Stormie Poodle has partnered with the laundries Comforta and Textilia in Sweden. This is where we primarily source our material consisting of high quality former hotel textiles. We collaborate with small scale social enterprises like Livslust in Latvia and Sigtuna Hantverkshus. In so doing, we help create both work opportunities for persons who stand far away from the regular job market and also contribute to 60 disenfranchised Latvian youths being able to continue their schooling. And you, our customers, can feel pretty good about yourselves for having contributed to making the world a better place.


BarCamper 2016, Ideon Innovation – a competition for non-tech entrepreneurs in Skåne, Sweden

City of Stockholm Innovation prize 2015 – category: Everyday products