sustainability is da shit

awesome stuff made in an awesome way

Skin friendly

We believe in using only reused textiles. Less chemicals, less irritation.

Saving the environment

By reusing material, we save energy, chemicals and water.

Made with care

Ethical production – only small-scale manufacturing in Northern Europe

Caroline von Post

I want to live my life to the fullest, but not at the expense of others or the planet.

Caroline von Post

CEO and Founder, Stormie Poodle

At Stormie Poodle we strive to make the most out of human and material resources. We make great and comfortable products for both young and old and sell them directly to consumers and companies that want uniquely designed products that tell a story.

All our products are made out of reused high quality hotel textiles that we source from our partner Comforta, an ecolabelled laundry (Svanenmärkt). All textiles from Comforta are OEKO-TEX labelled.

The manufacturing is small-scale, ethical and as local as possible. Our products are made by either Livslust in Latvia or Yalla Trappan in Malmö. Livslust is a Swedish foundation that supports Latvian youths with scholarships enabling higher education.  Yalla Trappan is a social enterprise and womens’ coop in Rosengård, Malmö that employs women who are outside the regular job market.

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